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Sunday 15th November 2015



(the ideal gift for the Triathlete in your life!)


"Excellent sessions, easy to understand.  Tailored to the individual's needs."





The course will be ran in a one day block at Rossall School Pool in Fleetwood.  It will run from approximately 8 am to 4 pm.


I am able to run the course approximately every 4-6 weeks, so get in contact quick to book yourself a place!


Session 1       Swimming Skills


This session consists of a 45 minute presentation upon the basics of swimming efficient front crawl, just like being back at school.  This includes an introduction of the basic stroke drills that will then be demonstrated and practised in the following pool session.


Session 2      Video Analysis


 Once these drills are 'masterered' this is followed by a 20-30 minute video session where your stroke is filmed from 4 different angles.  (Above and below water).  When all dried off, you will receive a full stroke analysis of your crawl stroke as you are actually able to watch it.



Session 3       Training Methods


The day is finished off with a testing one hour training session followed by a short presentation on how to organise your training program to best prepare yourself for that dreaded 400m or 1500m swim!


Suitable participants 


This course is designed for people who can already swim at least 400m (can be any stroke) who for whatever reason want to improve the efficiency of their front crawl stroke.


It is envisaged that most people interested in doing the course will be triathletes aiming to beat 30 minutes for the 1500m swim.  However if your only aim is to be able to impress the kids on a family holiday you are still more than welcome!



"Brilliant!  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course.   Thank you." 


This course will cost £75.  Contact Elliott for further details.