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Other Courses


Already done the course, or maybe you have already competed in a triathlon.

Want to take the next step?  Could one of the following sevices be for you:


(For further information contact Elliott.)



One On One

Not sure you need to do the course but still require feedback and advice on your stroke.  I can join you for a swim at £20 an hour.


(These sessions are at Fleetwood YMCA)






Underwater Filming

Feel your stroke has reached a higher level?

Do you need further info to improve your stroke further?


Then book in for an underwater filming session:


     £50 per person



Coaching Sessions

Receive expert coaching on a regular basis.


Enjoy the rigours of a full on training session every week.


                    £4 per session


        SUNDAYS 8-9 a.m. @ Fleetwood L.C.




       These sessions are still going strong!!!!!!!



If you can think of any more 'tailored' services that may be of use to you or your club, such as:






Do not hesitate to get in contact

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