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Participant Feedback

Here are some of the comments of some of the participants on recent courses.

Session 1 Swimming Skills

  • "Good technique drills"

  • "The dry session was very useful to give us the whole picture and the pool session built up the technique in an easy to understand, methodical process."

  • "Excellent presentation."

  • "Gave me lots to think about before getting into the water so time spent in the water was used for practise."

  • "Delivery is very impressive from a top quality coach."



Session 2 Video Analysis

  • "It improved my technique in breathing, head position and catching the water,"

  • "I found the video session very helpful.  A very important part of the weekend."

  • "It was really interesting to see what we were doing in the water and to be able to pause at certain points.  Helps to improve as you don't always realise yourself what is wrong."

  • "Already I found improvement in my technique and felt more confident in the water.  The video session highlighted my areas for development."

  • "Feedback is specific, wellgiven/delivered and invaluable."

  • "Eye-opening, very informative.  Overall excellent."

  • "Great!" 


Session 3 Training Methods

  • "Good training session.  Session timing well explained."

  • "Training methods very useful.  First time a swim session felt like training."

  • "Good info to work on for future sessions, follow up sessions are a must."

  • "Definitely made me want to swim more often."

  • "The training was reasonably hard but it was pitched at exactly the right level for each individual."

  • "Made suitable to varying levels of swimmer."

  • "Very good pool session."

  • "Superb!  Lined me up for planning my own sessions.  Thanks."



  • "Brilliant as I didn't know I had been swimming incorrectly for 30 years until I took this course."

  • "A very useful and well structured course."

  • "Really good course, seen improvements already, thanks Elliott."

  • "A superb weekend!"