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Training Tips


In my opinion these are 10 simple guidelines to follow to ensure that none of your pool training time is wasted.


  • Every session must contain some component of strokework.  (As you improve this can be part of a warm-up or recovery swim.)


  • Any length swam with poor technique is wasted length.


·         Make the most of your streamlined push-off at the start of every length.


  • Be aware of your expected stroke count and check it occasionally during sets.


  • If you are comfortable with using them you can utilise extra training equipment such as kick boards, pull buoys, fins and paddles.*


  • Split up the majority of your training sessions so that you are not just repeatedly plodding through your race distance.

  • For most swimmers it does not matter whether you breathe bilateral or unilateral (1 side or both sides), what is important is that it is comfortable for you.


  • However, it is useful to occasionally practise different breathing patterns.  This could allow you more flexibility during open water swims.


  • Until you have developed an efficient swimming stroke don't make things more difficult by wearing board/drag shorts.

  • Occasionally incorporate the odd speed set into your program.


* I would suggest only using fins as part of a drill set but a pull buoy could be used as an aid during a main set. 




More Information

If you require any further details or training advice you will have to do one of the courses!