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Tutoring Services in Fleetwood
In my other job as Secondary School teacher I have:
  • 10 years + experience of teaching science KS3/KS4.
  • 8 years + experience of teaching mathematics KS3/KS4.
  • Taught Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Mathematics topics to GCSE (Higher) level.
  • Broad range of experience of teaching/tutoring multiple subjects through my work as a Supply Teacher.


This qualifies me as an expert in tutoring Maths and Science subjects, specialising in helping pupils achieve C+ grades at GCSE level.


In addition through my contacts with other teachers locally I am in a position  to be able to find you quality tuition in:


  • KS3/KS4 English
  • KS5 Mathematics
  • KS1/KS2 subjects.