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About Me

Hello, my name is Elliott Myers and I am Chief Coach of Fleetwood Swimming Club.



2009 North West Region Masters Champion 



        B.Eng (Hons) in Civil Engineering

        P.G.C.E. in Secondary Science

Dip (HE) in Sports Science

        A.S.A. Club Coach Qualification (level 3).



        Over 20 years coaching experience

                                                                           Over 15 years teaching experience.

Coaching history


As a swimmer I have competed to a National level and still compete at swimming and water polo. 



As chief coach of Fleetwood Swimming Club achievements have been as follows:

  • Over 25 swimmers achieving Nationals.

  • Junior team making National Finals.

  • Swimmers Top 5 in World Masters.

  • Swimmers achieving Junior and Youth International level.

  • Swimmers have also achived international and National honours at Water Polo and Modern Pentathlon.


Swimming History


2002   GB Masters 1500m Free (18 min 10s)


2009   NW Region Masters Gold x 2


          Tatton Park Tri 1500m (20min 30 s)


2010   Budworth Mere (Non-wetsuit)

          3 mile (1 hour 12min 38 s)

Customer testimonials

  • "It improved my technique in breathing, head position and catching the water,"

  • "I found the video session very helpful.  A very important part of the weekend."

  • "It was really interesting to see what we were doing in the water and to be able to pause at certain points.  Helps to improve as you don't always realise yourself what is wrong."

  • "Already I found improvement in my technique and felt more confident in the water.  The video session highlighted my areas for development."

  • "Feedback is specific, wellgiven/delivered and invaluable."

  • "Eye-opening, very informative.  Overall excellent."

  • "Great!" 

  • "Brilliant as I didn't know I had been swimming incorrectly for 30 years until I took this course."

  • "A very useful and well structured course."

  • "Really good course, seen improvements already, thanks Elliott."

  • "A superb weekend!"